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We are constructing the largest volunteer network in Bangladesh since 1999 with a view to making the youth populace of the country aware of the sustainable development, global harmony, peace and embarking their spirit of leadership through volunteerism.

What We Do

Building Networks

UNYSAB itself is a huge network spanning over seven divisions of the country and is partnered with many prominent groups. We build effective networks and connect people of all groups in Bangladesh.

Promoting Sustainable Development

After the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations as Agenda 2030, UNYSAB has been promoting sustainable development through its organizational activities.

Empowering Youth

UNYSAB believes in empowering the youth populace of the country, since youth are the future leaders of the country and their participation in the development can lead us to a better future.

Developing Skills

We develop communication skills through Model UN conferences, exchange programmes and leadership workshops throughout the year.

Facilitating New Ideas

We encourage and support new ideas and innovation in the organization and try to utilize the ideas to participate in the development of the country.

Creating Awareness

UNYSAB vows to make the youth aware of social problems like violence against women, sexual and reproductive health rights, good governance etc.


UNYSAB has been working to empower the youth of Bangladesh through different educational and organizational activities, most prominently with Model UN conferences.

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We recruit our volunteers every year, and appoint some associate members who are later recognized as members according to their capability to work for the organization and the dedication they show for the organization.

A Network to Count on

With seven regional wings and thousands of volunteers working with UNYSAB, we have one the largest youth networks of the country.

Get in Touch

We believe in long-term relationship with our members, stakeholders and
well-wishers and we would like to hear from you any time. Your suggestions are always welcome. Get in touch with us.