About Us

“United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh” (UNYSAB) is the largest and oldest voluntary youth and student movement who works with United Nations philosophy. It is dedicated to conveying the voice of the young generation regarding current global issues, such as Sustainable Development Goals 2030, human rights and development, environment, social justice, etc. It provides an excellent environment for the development of interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills, intellectual abilities, and research orientation.

UNYSAB is credited for organizing its first-ever Model UN conference of the country held in 2002 and, since then multiple National and International MUN conferences have been produced along the way.

Our Philosophy

We consider the Situational leadership model more applicable in terms of leadership development, which states, Effective leadership is task-relevant, and the most successful leaders are those who adapt their leadership style to the Performance Readiness of the individual or group they are attempting to lead or influence.

We believe that, effective leadership varies, not only with the person, but it also depends on the task or function that needs to be accomplished. To create leaders, we believe in facilitating new ideas from our members, assigning them with tasks and work for sustainable development. And that is why, our motto is, “Leadership through volunteerism”.

Our Mandate

UNYSAB’s scope of work extends into all sectors through volunteerism. Primary area of work goes with all United Nations (UN) mandates and more so into the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Developoals)

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