Climate Change and Sustainable Development

BIMUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations general assembly that aims to enlighten the participants about the art of negotiation, critical thinking, and multilateral diplomacy. Since 2002, UNYSAB has been hosting and organising an array of notable events such as BANMUN, Dhaka+20, Brainwiz MUN 2013, UNYSAB MUN 2014 and BIMUN 2012. These events are hosted to engage in extensive discussions on pressing global issues. The first MUN conference titled “BANMUN 2002” focused on combating terrorism. This year, the topic of discussion was “Climate Change and Sustainable Development.” More than 200 foreign delegates graced the event with their presence.

In 2012, UNYSAB and United Nations Information Center (UNIC) jointly organised the first session at BIMUN in association with the University of Dhaka and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh. It served as a platform for the youth of Bangladesh to generate ideas for solving issues of global importance. The theme was “End Violence against Women” which collaborated with the United Nation’s agenda on violence against women. National and International delegates from diverse regions engaged in intense debate sessions over the course of four days. The conference was held from November 28 to December 1, 2012 at Nabab Nawab Ali Chowdhury Senate Bhaban, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. During the discussions this year, some of the keynote speakers addressed the changing nature of society. They clarified that before when a woman was harassed if one person stood up for her, 10 more would join in. But people don’t display the same kind of compassion anymore. During one of the sessions Sayed Saikh Imtiaz PhD, founder and chairperson, Trustee Board shed light on the matter. “It’s time to be a change
maker. Voice your opinions on social media,” he said. A delegate then asked, “Why just social media?” emphasizing the need to take a proactive approach in our actions as well. To which Saikh Imtiaz replied, “because every little step counts. Start small, and more shall follow.” Among 0ther topics discussed at the event this year, UNYSAB primarily wanted to address three issues highlighted by Saikh Imtiaz. First, “to choose the right leader, for they are rare in a nation where leaders are in abundance.” Next, “improve your power of negotiation, for anyone who can raise their voice can make a difference.” Finally, “fix the problem now, and don’t wait for the problem to cause the need for a solution.”

Written by Chisty Rahim. From Dhaka Tribune