Deploy UN Peacekeepers at Rakhine State

The persecution of the Muslim population in the Rakhine state of Myanmar by government forces is well- documented and can be considered as a measure of “ethnic cleansing” according to United Nations. According to the recent development, a fresh drive has began to annihilate the population from Myanmar.

Under this circumstance United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh strongly protested the onslaught upon the Muslim populace of Rakhine state in Myanmar and demanded immediate deployment of UN Peacekeeping forces to safeguard the inhabitants of Rakhine state. With this demand, the organization formed a human-chain on August 29, 2017 at the Raju sculpture premises of the University of Dhaka from 11AM. The human chain, amid continuous downpour and ongoing Eid vacation, managed to draw the attention of peace-loving youth of the University of Dhaka.