Eid for Street Children 2015

EID FOR STREET CHILDREN 2015 over the country through several wings. EID FOR STREET CHILDREN is basically a social responsibility we serve to deliver some love and care among the underprivileged children from the street in the occasion of Eid ul Fitr. Passing some hours to give them some better moments, having Iftar, cloth distributions are the main parts of this event. This year UNYSA Bangladesh took initiative to observe EFSC in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Dinajpur, Khulna, Patuakhali, Jahangirnagar University. We were able to share the joy of Eid among the underprivileged children from various corners of our country throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

We basically raise funds to make this event a satisfactory one. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the donors who have supported us unconditionally. We would like to mention some names of the donors and some institutions to express our heartfelt respect to them. Tousif Hossain (Tk 6,000), Sufian M Chowdhury (Tk 500), Habibur Rahaman Patwari (Tk 5,000), Afsana Zarin (Tk 1,000), Nahid Islam (Tk 500), Janibul Haque Jesan (Tk 3,000), M. Moniruzzaman sir (UNIC) ( Tk 2,000), Sadib Ehsan (Tk 1,000), Tousif Jamal (Tk 2,000), Shoaib Mohammad Siddiqui (Tk 2,000), Abu Obaida Imon (Tk 1,500), Anonymous (Tk 15,000), Shuvashish Roy (Tk 2,000), Anower Hossain (Tk 5,000), Proteeti joyeeta jamil (Tk 5,000), Tousif Hossain (Tk 6,000), Waseka Rahman (Tk 1,000), Zakir Hassan Titas (Tk 6,000), Sazida Binta Islam (Tk 500), Siddhartho Probal (Tk 3,000), Anika Binte Kasem (Tk 9,000), Adiba Nasser (Tk 1,000), Zahid Khan (Tk 500), Anisa Tasnim Rahman (Tk 3,500), (Mostafizur Rahman Jewel + Sazzad Hossain Chowdhury (Tk 7,000), Sheikh Modh. Erfan Uddin (Tk 7,800), Dhaka University- Tk 10,000 Jahangirnagar University- Tk 11,000 Bangladesh University of Professionals- Tk 7,500 UNYSAB Rajshahi Wing- Tk 73,000 UNYSAB Khulna Wing- Tk 15,000 UNYSAB Barisal Wing- Tk 9,500 UNYSAB Rangpur Wing- Tk 10,800 We have received a total amount of Tk 2,33,600 from their contribution! We would also like to show a list of the phases with expenses behind the impecunious children of Eid for Street Children 2015- Dhaka University- 248 (Quantity), (Tk 93,750) Rajshahi University- 170, (Tk 58,000) Jahangirnagar University– 95, (Tk16,000) Rangpur- 125, (Tk 26,226) Barisal, PSTU- 41, (Tk 10,500) Dinajpur- (Tk 8,000) Khulna University – 65 , (Tk15,000) UNYSA Bangladesh dreams to make a better Bangladesh through volunteerism. Eid for Street Children is definitely one of the most satisfactory events to share some lights of joy with the underprivileged angels!