Flood Victim Supports

United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh(UNYSAB)  always tries it’s best to stand beside the victims of natural disasters. One of the very common and atrocious disasters is floods. Flood Victim Support programs collect donations from people who are more than willing to help people suffering due to natural disasters. These donations and fundings are used to buy necessary goods and share those with the victims. 

Each year around 18% of Bangladesh land areas go underwater because of intense flow of river water and heavy rainfall. More than five million homes including their saved foods sink into water. In 2017, when one of the worst floods of the decade occurred in Bangladesh, UNYSAB delivered relief goods to around seven hundred flood affected families. It covered three districts across the country: Lalmonirhat, Kurigram and Faridpur. Members of UNYSAB distributed more than 3000 kilograms of rice, 500 kilograms of lentils, 250 litres of oil, 300 hundred kilograms of salt, one thousand packets of biscuits and another thousand packets of saline to flood victims. That year, almost one third of the country’s population became victims of nature. Almost 900,000 people got displaced from their home.

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