Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest. Please go to Contact Us Tab and send in your interest, by filling in the form.We will call you for an interview. This may take a while as we try to address numerous queries. We thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your interest to join us. For your kind information, every member of our organization is a volunteer. We are not recruiting currently but are looking forward to having you on board with us soon. The process to become a volunteer is to –

  1. Go to the Contact Us section and fill the information.
  2. Go to Career > Volunteer, and then fill out the form.  (Only available when the recruitment is taking place)
  3. Email us directly at 

Also, Please keep your eyes on our Facebook page for more information about the recruitment process.

There is no recurring recruitment schedule. The recruitments are published on Social Media and our website, when the need arises. Please visit us regularly for up to date information and announcements.

Volunteering at UNYSAB is a rewarding experience in itself as you are able to make impact through meaningful positive contributions towards peace and development. UNYSAB supports you in delivering your assignments successfully.

Thank you for your interest. Please visit this website carefully where we have tried to share all information about ourselves, our projects, events and activities. You can start your journey with the About Us section.