Round Table Dialogue

Round Table Dialogue, a common interactive way to assure constructive & comparative discussion on existing problems of a society, is jointly organised by United Nation Youths & Students Association Bangladesh (UNYSAB) and Centre for Men & Masculinity Studies (CMMS) that intends to make a successful discussion through receiving feedback, sharing knowledge & ideas from different levels of the society. 

This is a very effective engagement program where a large number of youngsters from different cultures & educational backgrounds are encouraged to participate & represent their ideas, educational fields, communities. This dialogue helps people from different thoughts & backgrounds to sit together with experts & specialists and also give an opportunity to share their thoughts, emotions, expectations, logics, explanations & complaints about current affairs & burning issues of their communities. The results of discussions including different issues, participants’ ideas, experts’ opinions, logical recommendations etc are documented in order to share with higher authorities for better solutions & collective implementations. 

It goes without saying that the UNYSAB & CMMS have jointly organised a lot of national & international Round Table Dialogues on Climate Change, Women Empowerment, Gender Discrimination, Quality Education, Youth Unemployment, Domestic Violence, Safety of Ethnic Minorities, Industrial Revolution, Entrepreneurship, Information & Technology since its beginning with outstanding results.

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