UN Days

Our world is plagued with grave issues and topics of concern; which are often undermined and unheeded. However, since its genesis, the United Nations has sworn the solemn oath of addressing these overshadowed borderless problems to make the world a better place. En route to doing so, the United Nations has entitled specific days as UN International Days to address specific events or topics. These special days are celebrated all around the world to promote and educate the people on issues and topics of concern, to mobilize resources to tackle global problems, and to strengthen accomplishments of humanity. The United Nations Youth and Student Association of Bangladesh (UNYSAB), along with its young members and alumni, have always profoundly believed in this vision of the United Nations of spreading awareness through celebrating these global days. To mark these international days, UNYSAB has always organized various programs and events to reach their purpose; and to empower the youth to get involved in local as well as global affairs.