UNYSAB Model United Nations UNYSABMUN

UNYSAB Model United Nations (UNYSABMUN) is a four-daylong conference. UNYSA Bangladesh launched UNYSABMUN in 2014 hosted by UNYSAB’s Rajshahi Division for the first time. It was the first ever international MUN conference along with enormous seat capacity outside Dhaka. UNYSABMUN 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 was a huge success by the UNYSAB – Rajshahi Division. It has been a great success of Rajshahi Division and has shown the pathway to others to organize gorgeous MUN conference outside Dhaka.

UNYSAB – Rajshahi Division has always been focusing on the motto “Leadership through volunteerism” and have worked the best for the purpose. UNYSAB – Rajshahi Division has always tried to come up with better ideas of how to make things better as a result programs like “Let’s think, dream orange, colors of UNYSAB” have been arranged. It has a culture of its own which was found in 2014, developed by the time and is a trail to follow for each of the members. UNYSAB – Rajshahi Division is a friendly platform for youth to engage in a way where they can practice to go beyond their capabilities and develop on their own.


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